Why screen recording apps can't output video with rs more than 720p?

i'm using obs, but i can't output video with rs more than 720p, i tried to change the output rs , but no way.
this is info about my dispaly

Why can I only choose 720p when capturing full display? My TV and Desktop are 3840x2160? | OBS Forums.

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Gday @eid ,

If the setting on your display have not been changed, OBS will only know these settings & offer lower settings.
lets say the screen has always been set at, 1024x768,
OBS defaults that as your output.(720p)in this case
If you were able to get higher output before.
(This will also happen if OBS has just been re-installed with these screen settings)

1st close OBS,
Open Display setting & select the highest setting you can.
Then open OBS,
Goto, Settings/video
Under "Base (Canvas) Resolution" increase to your wishes.( EG, 1980x 1080)
Under "Output (scaled) resolution" set the output to your wishes.( should now have 1980x1080 & lower)

Then return your screen back to your desired settings ( 1024x768)

This worked for me, hope it helps.

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