Why Support is Not Responding?

Hello there!

I'm a Zorin OS 15 Ultimate customer and interested in upgrading to Zorin OS 16 PRO. But I heard that I need to send a email to support for the download link.

So, I sent an email to support via support form using my Registration Number on the 19th, but no one responded. What should I do?


Welcome to the forum akhil.
There are only 2 developers, dealing with many support requests. Please be patient as they will respond to you. It may take a few days, but they will respond.

Unfortunately, no one on the forum can help with his issue. It is up to the Dev's to sort your purchase issue out.


I did the same thing and got a link to 15.3 and not 16??

I was thinking if we have to pay for every upgrade release is a bit expensive. Even windows gives free upgrades from releases.

They will respond though. Please let me know if you get a 16 link!

Thanks and good luck!!

Once... I could consider user error... Two?

Tagging to @azorin and @zorink in case a more immediate investigation into the download process is needed.

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I started to wonder that too.

I sent an additional message to the ZorinGroup.

I want to be clear... I have no special access nor means of communicating with them and it may take as long for them to get down the line to my message... But I am hoping that a Repeated Same Subject line (Users report receiving wrong Link to PRO) will get their attention more quickly.

User error? I emailed support twice to request 16 and got the same 15.3 links twice??

Please understand that from my point of view, I had seen only one post by then that says "Zorin OS 15.3" on it. User error is always one option on the table and I wish I had a nickel for every time one of my complaints was self inflicted.:wink:
One post out of how many tens of thousands of downloads in this past week?

But thankfully, your two posts so far are providing additional information that adds both better understanding of the issue and a sense of Urgency toward seeing it resolved.

I've just noticed.
You bought Zorin 15 Ultimate in the past and asking for 16 Pro for free?

Minor version up is free, but major version up such as 15 -> 16 requires a new licence.

Could you please clarify this?


Let me know what information I can provide that will help. It is not a huge issue but would be nice to try the full version and not just core.

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I think there is some misunderstanding.
Purchasing Zorin 15 Ultimate does not give you Zorin 16 Pro.

Most of us purchase Pro version to help developers. It is our form of thanking and donation.

You will get almost the same functions with Zorin 16 Core.
If you need/want a free copy, I recommend you to use 16 Core.

The only difference between Core and Ultimate is some desktop layout. You can easily customize it without Pro version. All software can be installed in Software. There really is nothing missing in Core version.

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Hi Akhil,
We have searched for your email address in our inboxes and weren't able to find any emails from you about this. Perhaps you may not have sent the message correctly using our contact form.

We have now sent you a direct email about this.


It appears that you used our download link re-sender form, which allows you to receive the download link to your originally-purchased version of Zorin OS Ultimate/Pro.

If you've purchased an earlier version of Zorin OS Ultimate and wish to upgrade to Zorin OS 16 Pro, please contact us (with the email address you purchased Zorin OS) using the form here.

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Hello there!

I used the contact form with my Registration Number, not the download link re-sender form.

By the way, I got an email now with a discount. I misunderstood that I'll get a free PRO upgrade since I bought the Ultimate. I just bought it on June 12th, 2021.

Anyways, thanks for the response.



I would like to add one more point. I don't have any issues paying for the upgrade since I want to thank the developers for their efforts in maintaining this great OS, professional website, discourse-powered forum, etc. As a software engineer, digital marker, and webmaster, I can understand the efforts behind all these!

Also, thanks for the discount, which is also showing your gratitude towards the existing supporters!

I am going to buy it tomorrow itself.

Keep rocking, guys!