Why the first start of any app is slower than the second start in operating system?

when i open app like libreoffice for the first time in the session, it take long time to open, if i closed it , and reopen it again it open very faster. Is there way to make it open faster like the second open?

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You can try preload:

sudo apt install preload

Be warned: Do not expect immediate results - it takes time for it to learn what you use most.
Do not expect it to turn your machine into a liquid helium cooled supercomputer. It can help a bit.

Some applications that require the loading of many libraries and such can take longer to initialize. Once init has run, it can launch faster, since the data remains in the cache and libraries are already referenced. Needless to say... It is not so easy to initialize without initialization... So that First Launch may be slower for some apps. But Preload may help you speed that up a bit.


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