Why Wine using 32bit

I'm curious or maybe I just need to reinstall things again. Why does my Wine showing 32bit even though I'm using 64bit?

(Well, at this point I think I should use my paid software that I buy before but my first error is that I'm using 32bit windows and my software is 64bit. )

This is normal. Wine includes 32bit installation. You should be able to run 64bit Software in Wine.

Well, I can't run it actually directly from Wine. I just been able to run it after downloading Lutris. So, I'm running the application from Lutris.

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Well, that works, too. But it does not look like you need to reinstall anything.

yeah. Just suddenly remember this software I buy because when I draw last time in Krita, line works takes 5 hours. The trick this paid software has a lot of visible tricks. I don't know yet if Krita have it too, and just didn't notice or what. Well, wine plus lutris will kill my ssd storage. hahahaah

Have you checked out Karbon or Vectr?

I'll be trying Karbon. Vectr, not checked yet but will consider. Seems Inkscape have the trick I'm looking for!!!

Still need to learn stuffs.


Inkscape is very powerful if you know how. I use it myself. :slight_smile:


I guess I'll try to consider using it for character illustration? Also, vectors render much more quality image than raster.

That's the fun part we all enjoy learning. Each post helps each other get a bit smarter

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Just curious if your question was answered or not.

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