Why Zorin OS 16 core feels much smoother than pop os and Ubuntu in terms of UI and animations?

i have a fairly old and low spec laptop with intel i3 5005u and intel 5000 igpu. my user experience on ubuntu has been worse because of the choppy animation. i do not know why, but for some reason the Zorin OS does great in terms of animation even with the power governor set to power saving mode. If this is due to the switch from Xorg display server to Wayland or the Threads related to UI are given high priority?

It may be due to using Wayland.
Though in fair warning, not all apps work on Wayland.

Other than that, it's hard to say. I prefer Zorin OS Lite and I also have noticed greater performance from Zorin OS across a variety of machines. I had actually made a thread on this when I tried to switch away from Zorin OS and seek out the best performance for an older notebook (Panasonic Toughbook for the shop) only to end up right back on Zorin OS due to its performance.

nah Wayland is just one hell of a lot more efficient and secure :wink:

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