Why Zorin OS Lite will be sunset

There are quite a few threads already discussing this topic.

This is repetitious and also adds elements of confusion where meanings can be lost. As users jump from one thread to the next, this can promote misunderstandings as users comment in defense of their positions differently given different responses in different threads.

And if the ZorinGroup were to follow up on this issue; no one could hardly blame them for being confused and having great difficulty absorbing all of this at the point of impact. It is like a paint covered explosion in a kite string factory.

I am not closing this thread as a duplicate since it asks a pointed question about "why". However, none of the members have a direct answer to this other than what the ZorinGroup stated in their announcement. Aside from the ZorinGroup directly replying in this thread, I cannot see a means of it proceeding differently from the other existing threads.

Please reserve this thread to the On Topic question of "Why" (A lot of rampant speculation is probably unhelpful) and all other concerns or responses to the already existing threads.