Discontinuation of Zorin Os Lite

I just found out that, according to the developers, the lite version will be discontinued in the near future. It is claimed that it would no longer be necessary to continue with this project because the current Gnome based versions allow to install it on older computers with scarce resources.
In relation to this, I totally differ. The Gnome desktop is very heavy, and, although it can be installed on computers with 2 gb of ram and old processors, its operability is more than debatable since they become very slow.
I have several computers that I have been able to rescue thanks to the lite version, since, as I have already expressed, with Zorin Core they practically do not work.
If the developers have taken this decision, without consulting the community, it seems to me, a big mistake.
I have always been a faithful follower of Zorin Os, since version 15. To support the developers I have acquired the Pro version, and I am very happy about it. However, if the team of developers persist in this decision without consulting their loyal community, I will be forced to migrate to other distros that would offer me what Zorin Os does not (the XFCE version).
Hopefully this decision will be amended and they will continue delivering the Lite version, so necessary to revive old computers.


I'm right there with you, and have already started looking into other distros that use XFCE. I will NOT be pushed into using GNOME... I've tried it and I just don't like it.

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Solus OS has started suporting XFCE (still in beta). If you're into rolling release distro.

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Importantly, it is not the only one. From a very long lasting push for Gnome to dominate, the ZorinGroup has pushed for Flatpak and in 17, even applied some force to the issue in spite of Mozilla listening to user feedback and setting up a .deb for Firefox that is fully supported.
LibAdwaita and Wayland also are now being pushed.
This in light of the ZorinGroup remaining silent with constant complaints of a lack of communication with their delays.

I have marked my departure from Zorin OS as well.


After trying Zinc which you told me had been changed to Asmi I installed Asmi on my desktop and have been using it for about 6 weeks. Since it uses XFCE it does seem to be very fast about most things. I have one program that seems to be very slow about loading up but I can live with that as I don't use that program very often. My only real complaint is there is almost no support. Any problems I have had I worked out on my own from my education I have gotten from this forum. This forum is absolutely the best for friendly helpful people.

If Asmi had a good support forum like this one I would immediately switch all my PCs to Asmi. It has many features I really like. The best one of all is the dual panels you can get with Nemo that make moving files so simple.

Maybe you could start a forum for Asmi?


Or we could suggest it to Tony and see if he is game for it.
These days it seems like every one wants to use Discord.

I would not want to start an unofficial channel. But I have considered starting a channel that is distro agnostic - where GnuLinux users can go in general without having to show distro loyalty.

It may be a Qt written program. Qt software can run more slowly when used on another D.E. due to having to load some compatibility along the way. I do not know and this is just a suggestion of something to check if it starts annoying you.


Because of the Past of Solus I would be a bit careful. But Linux Mint has xfce, too. Maybe that could be something to try for the Beginning.

Just an FYI here, I believe you can install a lightweight version of linux with the Zorin XFCE DE, while getting system updates from the lightweight distro

When the Support for Zorin Lite ends, no more. Then You can only install the normal xfce Desktop from the Repositories. But that is without the Zorin Look and Configuration.

Yes, users can install XFCE on their own, just as they can install Cinnamon or Plasma.
However, this brings some critical considerations:

  • This action will make their build of Zorin OS no longer officially supported.
  • This limits their access to helpful troubleshooting on this forum at that time
  • This creates a situation where the end user must go through hassle to achieve the workbench that they initially desired, creating a vacuum which Zorin can fill with their own developer wants.

It seems that trying to look like Windows, Zorin Group is starting to imitate Microsoft's treatment of its community.
I insist that one feature that stands out in the Gnu Linux world is listening to their communities, the feedback is very important.
I am thinking of returning to Linux Mint. The developers have a fluid contact with their community. They offer channels of participation in the project. They have an XFCE version, plus the flagship version Cinnamon is lighter than Gnome.


I was more saying something along the lines of using a different distro with Zorin DE

Oh, I see. I misunderstood - You see the Zorin XFCE D.E. is set to be abandoned, therefor they cannot use it at that time. It will not exist in order to use on another distro.

Please, I would like to invite all the people who purchased the paid version, to write to the developers, to let them know our dissatisfaction with the discontinuation of the lite version.
Also, would it be possible to generate a list in the forum where we could register all those who reject the measure of no longer offering the lite version?

I am curious...

Since Zorin OS Ultimate / Pro had its Price Doubled in order to accommodate Ultimate / Pro Lite, will the price for Pro be reduced by half to account for the lack of Pro Lite?



I see. Maybe someone should make an Internet archive backup or put it on BitTorrent?

Quite sad

I was only able to keep the 17 and 17.1 Pro versions on my system for a couple days at a time before I got too frustrated with the frankenstein nature of the release.

I had hoped on trying the Pro release of the lite version and that option appears to be gone now.

The firefox as a flatpak has been a dealbreaker for me. They had almost 2 years to get a proper solution but instead chose to spend time on useless items like the cube that does not work properly. Eye candy being more of a focus than proper functionality of core applications says a lot about them as developers. In todays world the browser is about the most important non system app on peoples' computer. If you do not realize that then you have lost my confidence with you as a developer.

I am past the 30 days since I purchased 17 and have requested a refund even though that time limit has expired. If a lot of users request refunds it will send a direct message to them that they have broken promises and betrayed the zorin community. I doubt I will get a refund however they will know that I and other users think that they screwed up big time.

Due to multiple disabilties I have not been active on the forum for a long time. There are some great regulars on the forum that go out of their way to provide support to new and existing users. It will be a shame to see the group disrupted.

The fact that they asked forum staff to ignore upset users is insane. They should at the very least provide a public apology to the user base as well as provide their reasoning behind such a decision.

If you are looking for another xfce distro I would recommend that you take a look at MX Linux, Mint Xfce. or debian 12 stable xfce. If you like a challenge then opensuse tumbleweed has a nice ootb release of xfce.


Zorin OS 17.1 Lite has been released and is available - likely this means that Pro Lite will be as well.
However, ZorinGroup has announced their intent to "sunset", put to bed, lay to rest a Desktop Environment as inferior and unnecessary since one D.E., is in their estimation, best at everything -in the near future. At least they announced this one in advance...
The Wayland and flatpak were a shock.

This cannot be understated. In fact, it also points toward the power that Browser developers have and their influence over distro creators.

To be fair and open, this issue may require context.
Moderators can close or lock threads that get out of hand. This is also true of DM's/PM's. However, a user can circumvent this by merely opening a new thread or PM, ad infinitum. A member had indeed done this - to the point of harrassment and with abusive accusations. We approached the ZorinGroup to help resolve the issue as only they have the administrator authority to do so and they suggested that if a member is unruly, we can put them on ignore. This is out of touch... That only means that unruly member could free-wheel through the forum abusing any member at will.
This response included a very politely worded way of saying, "If it is stressing you out, you do not have to be here. Take a break."
For me, personally, this very out of touch reply was so uncaring of their membership and their moderators alike, it was one of a great many instances that cracked my Zorin OS Fandom.
I do not think this was a Policy Decision as much as a response that was not fully examined or thought out. It was a Brush Off, not a resolution. It was a "we would prefer to not have to deal with such things" type of answer.
If they do not want to - fine. Then give the moderators the tools they need to do so. And maybe a bit of a thanks for voluntarily promoting their product instead of a dismissal.

Arivisian. thank you for the clarification on items in my post.

In order to have a properly functioning forum the project leaders must provide the tools and support to the forum staff in order for them to perform their duties. The fact that they do not provide this to a volunteer staff is disturbing. They are essentially " using " the voiunteers and show little or no concern over the well being of the staff. I have been involved on several forums in the past and it can be difficult and draining on you over time.

There are many examples of linux communities out there that are well run and they have no excuse for their lack of communication with the community. Its not like they had no examples of community management out there to use to model their approach.

I will be permanently moving away from Zorin. i have a limited amount of time left and its not worth the time or effort to wait for the Pro version of lite or start the process of fixing issues in the recently released lite version.