WI-Fi Issues

Hello Guys.

I have a problem with Wi-Fi on Zorin Os 16 Lite.

I installed Zorin Os on my laptop, but i have a problem

OS don't seeing Wi-Fi [wireless net]

How i can solve ?

Sorry for my bad english



Do you have the means to connect with wire?

  1. If so, try first with;
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade


2 Open "additional drivers" in Zorin menu, eventual search for driver then it will appear. See if there's a driver available.

  1. If that doesn't help we need the full name of your wireless card.
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Okay, thanks

I will try.

I have a problem. My laptop don't have ethernet port, below is the network card model

Maybe I can install the driver without internet?

Model: Realtek 8821CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC

You might want to check this: networking - How do I install drivers for the RTL8821CE Network Controller on Ubuntu 20.04? - Ask Ubuntu

Can you use your phone to connect your laptop to the net?
Also remember to disable secure-boot in BIOS.

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Oh.. Okay, I'll try, and report you

Yes, I can

Thanks, but I decided to just connect the phone to the computer and turn on the modem mode. I hope your methods help others.

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