Wifi 6E Support Zorin 17.1 Core

The wifi card in my laptop has died and I'm looking to upgrade it to an Intel AX210 card that supports Wifi 6E and I haven't seen any indication of whether or not Zorin 17 supports Wifi 6 at all. Does anyone have experience with this? Or maybe even with that specific card?


If I remember right from a linux-firmware Update there was Support for that AX210 Card listed. So, I think it would be worth a Try I guess. If it shouldn't work You can use a different One. What You could control - if You not have done - is to look on the Product Page if there stands anything for Linux Support.

Gotcha. I suppose I'll give it a go and let everyone know what happens.

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Yes, that would be nice and could help others.

I'm happy to report that it worked with no issues! I booted up, had to reconnect to the wifi, but after that, it installed updates and I'm surfing around 800 Mb/s on wifi (a speed that requires Wifi 6).

For anyone curious, this is the wifi card I used:


Thanks for letting us know. Always good to know what works. I have been thinking about upgrading my XPS 15 9450 as the wifi card has been having issues.

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Good that it works.