Wifi Adapter | Installation

Hello I'm new to Linux and I spent 1 year using MacOS and 2 years using Windows OS. When I'm using Windows I can deactivate my default Wifi Network drive in Device Manager because it's too weak to get signal from my wifi (It says poor even I am facing the wifi modem) , then I bought a new wifi driver to strengthen the signal I get from the modem (After I used it. I get very good signal). My wifi adapter is RTL8188EUS and I need to install this files > GitHub - aircrack-ng/rtl8188eus: RealTek RTL8188eus WiFi driver with monitor mode & frame injection support < but how, I'm just new to LInux. I tried to follow some advices and the instructions but to no avail. It doesn't work. The terminal always says "Command Not Found" Please help me to deactivate my current wifi network drive and install my new usb wifi adapter.

I'm using Zorin OS Core

@TheColdPrince Hi and welcome to the forum.
By Zorin OS Core is that version 15.3 or 16Beta?

You should have a look at this post, as may be a solution you can use: