Wifi Adapter Intel Wifi-6 Ax201 160mhz not supported and no audio for realtek audio

I know that the AX201 wifi adapter is quite new, and I am unsure if it is supported in Linux kernel 5.4, but I am asking if anyone knows when Zorin will begin supporting this adapter out of the box installation? I am currently typing from windows and do not have Zorin installed since I have no other method of network except for wireless. I am hoping to be able to migrate to linux some time because of its outstanding stability and how it is an open source operating system built by the community. But so far, it seems that no linux distro except for deepin supports my wifi adapter so far. (In deepin I still have issues with audio and microphone.)

The AX201 should be supported out of the box as of now, actually. During Zorin installation, be sure to connect the network, then check ON to install updates as it installs.