Wifi card drivers - how to

Hello. Absolutely new to Linux world please be kind in your answers…

The situation:

I have an old sony vaio laptop running Windows 7. For obvious reason I want to completely get rid off W7 and install Zorin 15.3 as only OS on the laptop.
This laptop currently has an old Wifi N card.
I have an AC Wifi card Intel 7260 and a “generic” AX card MPE-AX3000H (Intel Wifi 6). For some reason I cannot install both of those cards in W7.

So my plan is to install Zorin 1st then install one of those 2 cards.

My questions are:

  • will these cards work with Zorin running as only OS
  • how does this work for the drivers? I know how this work in Windows but have no idea with Linux…is their any command to do? Any place to download the drivers?

Any useful information is welcome…

thank you

Hi, arkhane.
I could be wrong but I think you should be able to test out these cards while in Try Zorin mode after you run the installer setup. That way you don’t have to install before testing.
I did see one post on someone’s card not working (was the first one you listed): https://askubuntu.com/questions/760501/driver-for-wireless-7260 - so if that one doesn’t work we already have one potential solution to try.
But short answer is that most devices work right away without any additional steps.

Thank you but as mentionned test “in try mode” is not possible since I cannot make them work previously on W7…

When you use your Zorin installation disc/USB, do you see a “Try Zorin” option? Never mind Win7, does your Wifi get recognized after you click Try Zorin?
Like in the picture here: http://landoflinux.com/images/zorin_os_9_01.png