Wifi Connectivity Issue: Activation of Network Connection Failed

Before installing routersploit, my wifi connection was connecting with home network. However when starting routersploit, suddenly the wifi I was connected to says "Activation of Network Connection Failed". After this incident I've been unable to connect to my wifi.

However, when I connect to my smartphone hotspot, the laptop gets connected without any issues.

The error happened after I installed routersploit. i believe it changed or modified some network settings which I'm unaware of.
I tried:
disabling IPv6
following this guide : Fix: activation of network connection failed on Linux – Its Linux FOSS
as well as this guide: Fix: Activation of Network Connection Failed in Linux
but none of them worked.
Plz some-one help me get out of this mess.

Have you yet run

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

yes I tried that and have tried sudo apt-get reinstall network-manager this as well.

hey @Aravisian , could you guide me any other ways for which why this error may be happening.

Have you checked your router settings and given the router a Cold Restart?

I am not familiar with Routersploits inner workings.
I know VPN's can change network configurations.

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Was this a flash to a router, like DD-WRT or OpenWRT??

If it's not connecting, maybe take a look at the wireless security / output settings - are you possibly using a channel not supported by the device? Or, maybe an encryption type (AES/CCMP or TKIP) that doesn't have support? Right now, I can't use WPA3 yet - not enough devices support the encryption and have issues with non-supported devices.

Sometimes, the wireless frequency settings are set to the originating country - like RaspberryPi's auto-select their WiFi channels to the UK standard; which goes to 14, but my devices don't support that frequency being in the US.. I can use them; then get busted by the FCC, which would just look worse because I hold an FCC license currently :joy:

Also - make sure the wireless network is activated. When I moved to OpenWRT, WiFi was disabled by default to prevent others from connecting before configuring.

Just some things to check .. not familiar with Routersploit myself either, heh. Metasploit - yes :grin:

I dont know how but a simple
sudo ip link set wlo1 down
sudo iw wlo1 set type managed
sudo ip link set wlo1 up
take a note that wlo1 is my network interface name, for someone it could be wlan0, etc.
check you network interface name with
ip a
these three commands solved my issue.

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are you a CTF player??

no worries, i got it solved, thaks for the support though. :saluting_face: :sweat_smile:

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Wow nice! haha glad it's working now :sunglasses:

CTF yeah; got into it on TryHackMe - same name on there, Plumpkibbles! Haven't been on in a while so I know my score is way way low - I was once in the top 4% :grin: Definitely not now, been slacking looking for work :joy: Might need to jump back on and try to up my score though :smirk:

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got it, im'a hack the box player, but im a novice player so still learning .. :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:

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Noice! I haven't been on that one; I took some classes though a boot camp (wouldn't recommend) but, I thought I got more out of THM's stuff really haha and I only have a free account!

Keep at it man, you'll get there! Check out EC Council - they have some free labs you can do as well. I thought their labs were more real life scenario too. The VM's are much better - still browser based, but much better.

Hack the planet! :wink:

thanks for the guidance.. thumbs_up

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