Wifi does not appear

Hi all,

I cannot enable wifi as it is not showing up in settings.
Using rtl8821ce.

I already did these commands recommended in a other thread but it still does not work:

sudo apt install build-essential git dkms linux-headers-$(uname -r) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelebek333/kablosuz sudo apt update && sudo apt install rtl8188fu-dkms sudo reboot

I have also deactivated security boot in BIOS.

Thanks for any support!

Ok now it works :flushed: :grin:

edit: did the follwing, suggedsted by MIchel in other thread:
In terminal write: sudo apt-get install mokutil && mokutil --sb-state

If secure boot is enabled disable it in bios and run this command.

In terminal write: sudo apt-get install rtl8821ce-dkms


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