WiFi driver in Live but not after install

i'll attach into this tread.. if i boot from live zorin 16 core offline the additional drivers section found the driver of this wifi moudule and tries to install becouse into the live media there's the appropriate drivers.
if i install zorin onto disk always offline the installer doesnt install and save the drivers and after a reboot the additional drivers section doesnt show anymore the drivers.
is it possibile to fix? is a strange behaviors : the driver is present onto the bootable live usb media but wont be installed on a normal system install.


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This behavior is a source of constant befuddlement for me. Why do some drivers work perfectly in the Ubiquity installer but not work on the installed system.
It's like the indestructible little black box in airplanes - Why not make the whole airplane out of that stuff?
Why not make the whole OS use whatever that Ubiquity Installer uses? (I am sure it's not so simple... The indestructible black box gets that property from its tiny size.)


well i can understand for graphics card, expansions card or other stuff. but the networking is VITAL, just enable or copy-down the packages related and after the reboot just install or keep it availlable. i've got a chuwi herobox with works out of the box in live but after the installation (made offline ) wont recognize the wifi card.
i'm on linux since 2013 so now i can handle myself but if it's a newbie this situation is the " leaving one" .

new update: on chuwi herobox pro with this wifi chipset i've found a little bug :
if i enable 3rd party repo and use the proprietary drivers the device works as expected BUT if you use WPA3 the device is UNABLE to connect to any wifi SSID. i've set to WPA2 and works like a charm.

WPA3 is for newer devices, you also need a router that supports WPA3.

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i've got a wpa3 capable access point and the wificard is wpa3 but doesnt work,

Can I assume yours is the rtl8821ce? If not, could you post the output of sudo lshw -c network?

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