Wifi gone after update, even on new/clean install

Hello, I have a cheap laptop with no ethernet port.
I installed Zorin Lite 16.3 on it, there were wifi networks visible during the installation and after install with no issues.

Then I went to automatic update settings, installed updates and since then wifi is not working. I think I spotted some 'firmware upgrade' among the packages, but I'm not sure.

I tried to do a clean install of Zorin again, but the wifi is not working anyway. Connection option during the installation only lists 'Realtek Semiconductor Corp.' in the network list, while I previously could see available wifi networks there.

Any ideas about this?
Thank you

Is there any way you could download 16.2 from here?


If you still had it installed, you could have tried booting from an earlier kernel.

It's possible that the update might have caused compatibility issues with the Wi-Fi driver. You can try troubleshooting the problem by checking if there are any additional drivers available for your Wi-Fi OR roll back to previous version.

@ebb156 With 16.3 Lite. Have you tried booting an older kernel generic version via grub "Alternative Options for Zorin" menu item?

Thanks for the help. To be honest I am not sure what is really going on, I tried older kernel and the wifi came on, but now it works with the newer one too. Maybe it just needed a day's rest.

As you now seem to have working wifi, I have marked your last post as "Solution".
If that changes, it can be un-marked and diagnosis continued.