Wifi hotspot enable/disable is disabled with Gray color - can't use it

Hello guys, i hope you are fine, i want to share internet to my android device.
i'm connected using cable (Ethernet) and i have a wifi usb adapter (TP-Link / TL-WN727N) and want to share wifi through it, when i followed the steps to do that (wifi settings --> three dots --> turn on wifi hotspot)
i found the option with gray color (disabled) i can't click on it.
i hope you can help me, this is my first time i'm trying zorin
Screenshot from 2022-08-01 22-15-58

There was a project now dead called 'create_ap' for Linux and has been forked into two separate projects:


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thanks brother for your reply, i'll try your suggestions and let you know the result

Unfortunately, no one works for me.
first one not creating ap at all
and second one show this message : ERROR: Your adapter does not support AP (master) mode
i think i need to change the wifi adapter, but i was using this one in windows to share wifi without problem

Don't forget your hardware was not designed for GNU/Linux.

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