Wifi icon missing

so this afternoon i turned on my laptop.. and it seems the that my wifi icon is missing.
i did restart it twice, and i checked software updater for any updates, and restarted after the updates again and still nothing, although i typed in wifi in the terminal and it says its on, and working. so i dont know, i tried adding new items to the panel, because maybe i could just re-add the wifi icon or something but i cant find anything, any help?

First thing to try:
Is it turned off there.

Does your pc have a switch or keyboard function to turn off WiFi. Check that.

hello, no, like i said my wifi is on and working (according to the terminal) and i am able to access browser fine and all, but its just that the wifi icon is missing in the panel.
there is nothing wrong with the wifi itself, nor do i have a function to turn off wifi on my keyboard that i know of.

right click on the panel(taskbar) and choice panel=>Add new item=>choice status Try plugin and click add

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Thank you for your help, this worked.

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