Wifi is connected but not internet access

Today I'm facing problem about wifi my wifi is connected but internet is not working. All my other devices is working fine with internet but zorin making problem. How I can fix this issue kindly help me.
Thank You

Can you please open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t and run

sudo lshw -C network

and post the output here.

Hmmm... that product is listed as working for Zorin OS 16...

Can you please post the output for

uname -a

Now what I need to do.
My laptop is HP folio 9470m

I installed zorin os core from last 1 month it working fine but today I am facing this problem.

I wonder if the later kernel is the issue...
Can you please try

sudo apt install backport-iwlwifi-dkms

Also, check whether wifi is enabled with:

nmcli r

sudo apt install backport-iwlwifi-dkms

This is not installing because internet is not working but wifi is connected

When I do this it work I watch it from youtube but when I shut down my laptop this problem again arrived.

Can you use your Mobile phone as Hotspot or Ethernet temporarily?

Ok I try ma phone hotsport and tell you.

Sir same problem with phone hotsport
Wifi connected but no internet.

Can you check that the driver is loaded:

sudo modprobe iwlwifi

I can enable internet by using these command which are in screen short but after restart wifi makes same problem.
Can I upgrade my driver or install new by enabling wifi temporary.

Sorry for the long delay.
Hmmm... Changing that file might make a difference, but once changed, is that file somehow being changed without you doing the changing after a reboot?

Since defining the DNS server helps you connect.... would you go into the system settings, -> network -> your wifi connection and under ipv4 change your dns from automatic to the eights and eight, four ip addresses. Also ensure you're using DHCP (dynamic addressing). You may want to disable the ipv6 addressing to resolve the issue. Also make sure proxy is off, not on automatic.

Test, reboot and test.

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What I have to write in DNS what is mean by eight eight four?

Still not working