Wifi is not working

I have strong internet connection. I am using same wifi in my mobile but it is not working in laptop from today 130 am onwards after software updates. I have so many pending works to do. Please tell me what to do. Nothing is surfing in the browser

Would you provide a little information for us to be able to help you.... your profile details core and education, which version is this?

What is the output of lshw -C network from the terminal?

Do you recall what packages were updated?

Have you rebooted since the update?

I am using Zorin OS 16.3. I am using for coding purpose. Yes I have rebboted.

lshw -C network

You missed network

I can barely read those photos.

lshw -C multimedia
instead, and if you get the same output, use just the

If you are programming on the laptop, you could write and troubleshoot your code offline. Create the commit and push after this is resolved or by connecting your phone by USB and tethering.

The command I'm trying to get you to use has three parts:

lshw This is the application itself...listhardware

-C is the flag that means Class so we can choose what we want to see

network is the Class we want to view. It will give the manufacturer of your network card, driver in use as well as many other pieces of info. Without it, we can't help.

It may require that you use the sudo command in front for administrative privileges to view the information.

From websearch of "RTL8822CE Ubuntu 20.04" found this. So should be OK on 20.04 and variants me thinks.

Also found this thread on here:

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It may be that the driver needs upgraded. It may also be that the bios/uefi needs upgraded as well.

Do you have SecureBoot enabled and/or dual-booted with Windows?

Also, issue sudo ifconfig wlo1 up to see if that changes anything - the device may be in a down state, which would still show you connected and addressed; just no activity. Driver seems okay since you are showing information and connected.. see if that changes your connection status.

Secure boot disabled and single boot on Hp laptop

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How to upgrade since there is no internet coming on laptop, I think in this new os version wifi link has become broken

Did you try sudo ifconfig wlo1 up?

Also what do you get when you issue sudo dmesg | grep -i wifi?

That will show something like:
wes@ZorinBook:~$ sudo dmesg | grep -i wifi [ 3.133011] Intel(R) Wireless WiFi driver for Linux [ 3.136011] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: enabling device (0000 -> 0002) [ 3.151179] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: api flags index 2 larger than supported by driver [ 3.151195] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: TLV_FW_FSEQ_VERSION: FSEQ Version: [ 3.151542] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: loaded firmware version 66.f1c864e0.0 QuZ-a0-hr-b0-66.ucode op_mode iwlmvm [ 3.271003] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: Detected Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz, REV=0x354 [ 3.410265] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: Detected RF HR B3, rfid=0x10a100 [ 3.474841] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: base HW address: 08:5b:d6:df:66:05 [ 3.799404] iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3 wlo1: renamed from wlan0

so we can see if your driver is being enabled or not.

Ok tomorrow I will give, I need some rest

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Not a perfect solution, but until this is sorted, can use ethernet (also want to make sure this isn't effected).

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