WiFi issues with different WiFi networks on Zorin Core 16

When using the inbuilt network adaptor for WiFi connection , the connection remains stable when connected to a WiFi hosted by a modem / router. When I try to connect to a WiFi network which has been hosted by my Mobile (i.e. Mobile Hotspot) , the connection remains for 1-2 minutes and suddenly it automatically disconnects from the WiFi Hotspot connection from my mobile. How to solve this issue ?

Have you disabled power management yet?

CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

xset -dpms

Reboot after running those commands. Let us know if that fixes the issue.


I use TLPUI for power management. Does this command disable or prevent TLPUI from working? @StarTreker

The command disables all power management to USB and PCIE devices in the system. It may prevent TLPUI from working, or it may not, I am not 100% sure.

But if the system is dropping power on the WIFI adapter, it could be causing the issue. Another problem you might be running into is DNS related. Since your mobile hotspot is probably using a different DNS, you might be having DNS issues too.

But the easiest and quickest thing to try first, is disabling power management.


I want to also mention the fact that I have changed my default DNS to . Does this anyway affect when I change network? Or will it cause any issues when I connect to new networks in future ? Thanks for the lightning fast replies :slight_smile:

Oh it most certainly can cause issues. Not all devices can connect to the same DNS without issues, it depends on the device. I would recommend using Googles DNS, as its known to be fast and reliable. Which is


Everything works fine now..I really want to extend my gratitude for you guys at Zorin Forum ! I still use and it works fine ! I usually use some privacy respecting DNS , so I just stood happy with . Have a nice day !


I am glad that I was able to help you solve this issue. With DNS issues, they usually crop up when you have net for 5-minutes or less, then it drops out, that usually points to DNS issues.

However, power management issues also crop up in the same kind of way, so thats why it isn't always the easiest to diagnose. You could be surfing away like a California ocean surfer, then sudden, the shark comes and says, get back on the beach sucker.

Thats when you tell power management to get rid of the shark blocking, and let your computer get to full performance, to allow you to have web surfing deliciousness. Alright, have a good one!

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