WiFi not showing

I have installed Zorin OS 15 x86lite on my laptop. But my wifi is not showing up instead another one called Ethernet showing up. I don't use Ethernet what should I do?

why 15 , why not 17 which is the latest ?
or look through this article:

Can ony assume @Lerelis has a 32bit machine and has used Z15, as it is the last 32bit version of ZorinOS Lite. If that is not the case, then the question remains.

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ZOS 15 is no longer supported with security updates. You can go to ZOS 16.3 which is good for about one more year. Or go to ZOS 17.1 which is good for 3 more years. If the issue is having 32-bit support, then antiX OS or some other Debian based distribution is your best bet. :v:

Hello all,
I just installed Zorin Core 17.1 on an ASUS TDP410UAR. Installation went well (once I replaced a faulty USB stick). However, It does not seems to see my WiFi integrated adapter.

There is no means for me to connect this laptop physically to my network. I did check my BIOS setting for Secure Boot and WiFi is marked as unlock. However, the first time I restarted my laptop after installing Zorin, I saw a strange popup screen asking for a key. Given that I did not know if there is one with the install ISO, i select the "continue with boot" option.

Any suggestion?


Finally got it working using a tip from another user responding to this WiFi adapter error. In short, the rather unusual solution was:

  1. shutdown laptop
  2. disconnect power cord
  3. hold the power button down for 30 sec
  4. reconnect power cord
  5. restart laptop

Not sure why this trick actually resolved my problem. Now back to learning Linux :slight_smile: