WiFi not working from usb (Broadcom BCM43xx)

I'm installing Zorin Pro on my Macbook Pro (early 2015) and Zorin Core on my Macbook Air (early 2014)
I have started by running Zorin Core from usb which works perfect on my Macbook Pro. On my Macbook Air however it doesn't show the network option where i can select air WiFi network. What do i need to do in order to get wifi to work on my MacBook Air?

Just to be clear, you are running Core from Live USB in "Try Zorin" mode, not yet installed it ?

More specific, after a bit more testing this seems to be the situation:

On my Macbook Pro Wifi works fine, Bluetooth doesn't work.

On the Macbook Air Wifi does not work, Bluetooth however works just fine.

On both laptops the camera doesn't work / is not being recognized automatically.

Could you help me get both laptops working on Zorin properly? I'm moving away from Apple entirely. I'm very grateful already for you guys making such a pretty Linux distro for a Linux newbee like me!

(Any chance it all works flawlessly after installing, even though from usb it doesn't?)


That is a hard question to answer, without direct experience on Macbook hardware.

If you do push ahead with actual installation on one (or both) of your Macbooks, check this advice from Aravisian re using rEFInd. Issue Booting Zorin OS 17 USB on Macbook AirUnable to Boot Zorin OS 17 USB on Mac - #2 by Aravisian

EDIT: I just did websearch using "Broadcom BCM43xx Ubuntu 22.04" (as Z17 based on Ubuntu 22.04) but see no solution: 22.04 - Connect to Wi-Fi on MacBook Pro with Ubuntu 22 and Broadcom wireless adapter BCM43602? - Ask Ubuntu

I don't know if this will help you, or others here with relevant experience to help you. WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx - Community Help Wiki

EDIT2: Also found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/ks2c4d/wifi_driver_help_on_a_macbook_pro_from_late_2012/

Please remember that Broadcom considers its drivers proprietary. Distributors are not permitted to include Broadcom drivers as default. End users, however, are permitted to download/Install Broadcom drivers for free.

The easiest method is by connecting using another means, for example mobile phone using Hotspot connected using USB tether. Then run in terminal:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer b43-fwcutter bcmwl-kernel-source

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I have no other ways of connecting to the internet

You will then need to use a USB to download the necessary packages and transfer them to the other computer to install them.

For Zorin OS 17:

Install with Gdebi, Software Installer, or sudo dpg -i *.deb

For Zorin OS 16:

okay thanks

When I used it with software instiller, it said that it failed to download 3 things and when I pressed install it just stayed on pending installation.

So it seems that the .deb packages rely on other dependencies.

I suspect that we can easily fall down a rabbit hole of chasing dependencies offline.
@Talkus, your best bet is to connect the afflicted machine to the net so you can efficiently manage getting all necessary packages. Many coffee shops and restaurants offer free wifi as a perk. I know I have had occasions to make use of this. You could use this benefit to connect your mobile hotspot, tether your phone with USB to the computer and install your needed wifi packages for Broadcom.

Alright thanks