Wifi option is not showing for connect to wifi

I am facing wifi connectivity issue as I am not able to connect to wifi. Plz anyone help me.

Hi akshdeep. Please try to provide as much detail as possible when asking questions, so others can help you more quickly and accurately. For example:

  1. What version of Zorin are you using?
  2. Did you use the "try Zorin" option before installing, and if so did WiFi work then?
  3. Is this a new install that never had WiFi connectivity, or have you been using Zorin a while and suddenly WiFi stopped working?
  4. Do you see settings for WiFi but it just can't detect or connect to your network, or is there only wired networking showing as an option?
  5. What WiFi hardware is in your computer? E.g. model of USB adaptor, model of motherboard / laptop if integrated WiFi chip, etc.

Some Generic Things That Might Help

  1. Please check for and disable "fast boot", "fast startup", and "secure boot". One is a Windows setting, of you're dual-booting, and the others are BIOS / UEFI settings you may or may not have; whether your BIOS / UEFI has the options, and where to find it if so, I can't say. Unfortunately, every BIOS and UEFI is totally different, using different names for the same features even within the same brand!
  1. Now, check the output of lspci and sudo lshw -C network to make sure Zorin is actually seeing your wifi card at all, and check what driver its trying to use. When you know that, it will be easier to search / ask for specific help for your exact chipset.

  2. Run the command rfkill list all in a terminal and see if your WiFi devices are blocked at all. If so, try sudo rfkill unblock all and then run rfkill list all again to see if it changes.

  3. I have also seen some mention previously of an Acer kernel module that can block certain WiFi drivers, even on machines from other brands like ASUS and HP. If you see acer_wmi or acer-wmi in the output of sudo lsmod | grep acer then it may be worth trying this fix. WMI modules are for mapping the Fn keys on laptop keyboards to system functions, such as toggling WiFi or changing screen brightness. If the chosen WMI for your keyboard is broken or the wrong one - such as acer-wmi on a Dell or HP laptop - this somehow causes the WiFi driver to fail / be blocked in the system. Why? I have no idea, it just does! :joy:

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ya I am using 16th version of the zorin os that free version.Last year I have installed on my local machine after removing windows os completely. At that time my wifi is working fine I am able to connect to wifi but I am seeing since 1 or 2 weeks that wifi connecting option is not visible for me to conect to wifi. And I am not using any external usb wifi adpter or software or hardware. It is already inbuilt in Dell laptop

Has there been Software Updates in that 1 or 2 weeks. i.e. Kernel updates.
If true, suggest you select "Advanced Options for Zorin" grub menu item, and try an older kernel generic listed there. See if that supports your wifi as before.

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