Wifi shows connection but can't access websites

I have a dual operating system (Windows and Zorin). The Windows operating system connects fine to the internet and I can browse (including other devices). But on Zorin, it suddenly stopped working. The computer shows it is connected to the internet, but the moment I try to search for anything it won't work.

My computer is a new laptop Acer - Swift Go 14 model. I contacted the warranty support but they can only help with the Windows operating system.

Heads-up, I am new to Linux and am not a computer programmer or anything. I just wanted to eventually move away from Windows and Chromebook and support an open source and more private cause.

Thank you kindly for any help. I do know how to access my terminal at least lol. :slight_smile:

Hi, and welcome!

Please take a look at this thread, sounds like it might be related:

Did you check you time and time zone settings?
Can you please share a screenshot of your screen?

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Could be the firewall blocking the connection. It had happened to me once at some point

Run in the terminal:


and check if the incoming connections are in "deny", "reject" or "allow". The way I have it that works is that the incoming is set on "Reject", while the out is set on "allow"

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