WiFi USB dongles with antennas that work 'out of the box' - is there not a list?

So far all I've found here is this thread:

however I can't seem to find that particular one where I live (in the UK). I could import it but that seems a bit ridiculous for a cheap dongle.

As so many people use dongles and often have to faff about with install and editing device drivers and settings, surely a list of those that plug in and 'just work' would be useful?

I'm using Zorin OS Core 17.1 on an old Lenovo G780 laptop.

So, on amazon i found this but I believe anything made by a major company should work as realtek has linux drivers for most of their chipsets

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It might be easier to start a list of those which don't work.

Every once in a while, a user posts trying to figure out why a dongle is not working and it turns out to be the dongle. Those are the notable ones.