WiFi Zorin OS 17

After installing 17 and rebooting I hadn't wifi eventually after a lot of searching and trying different things I did this.
Turn off and unplug from mains then hold start button Infor a few seconds to discharge any current.
Next remove WiFi Adapter and dump bios voltage.
Start computer for a few minutes turn off unplug from mains press start button for a few seconds reinstall WiFi Adapter start computer then do a restart.
Don't know which one did the trick but it worked.
Possibly removing the adapter like a new flash drive installing itself.

I'm pretty sure what you encountered was the card was still powered by the capacitors on the board and in the power supply. It's usually just enough to prevent a device/chip/component from resetting to its default state.

Over our end, we have about 300 PCs, the trick is as you did, to remove the power cord, and then press the start button so the PC discharges all power from the capacitors. It might be different in your case, but if you run into it again, just try that one step first, to see if it comes right; it saves a lot of time.

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