Will KDE Plasma6 be supported in Zorin OS?

With the same customize themes、Icons if possible.

If the Zorin Crew not support it in her own Repo's so the Answer is: No. Zorin is based on Ubuntu 22. And on Ubuntu 22 You don't have Plasma 6. That will come for Ubuntu 24 and there on the Flavor Kubuntu. But not directly with the new Version. Kubuntu starts with Plasma 5.27 because Plasma 6 was not ready fast enough. So, it will come in a later Update as far as I understand their Situation.

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@Ponce-De-Leon That is strange to hear. I am using KDE neonuser and that recently got updated to Plasma 6, and its base? ... Ubuntu 22.04!

Neon is a separate distro from Kubuntu and its developers likely upgraded the base.

Zorin OS 16 Lite included XFCE 4.16 even though Xubuntu 20.04 had XFCE 4.14.
Zorin OS 17 Core uses Gnome 43, though Ubuntu 22.04 uses Gnome 42.


KDE Neon comes from KDE. So they take the Ubuntu Base and put on her up-to-date Plasma Desktop. But that is not in the normal Ubuntu Repo's.

Appreciate that. Just saying technically it could be done? :wink:

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Technically ... I mean You could try something by Your own. On Your Picture You have the Repo archive.neon.kde.org user-Version for Jammy. You could try to add this Repo to Zorin 17 and look if You can install Plasma6 from this Repo. I think You must create for this a higher Priority to install the Plasma-Desktop from this Repo I guess. But I'm not sure.