Will my pc be compatible with Zorin OS 16 Pro?

Ram: 4GB
CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B800 @ 1.50GHz(2 Cores)
64 Bits
Firmware: BIOS

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It can run it, but don't expect super performance. But it comes down to; Does it have SSD or HDD?

You might consider the Pro lite version which comes later this year.

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HDD Disk

I have an old laptop which struggle a bit but could run it.

EasyNote ENTG71BM
Intel Celeron (4 core) @ 2 GHz
Intel HD - Z36 Graphic card
500 GB HDD

But it's a 4 core

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mmm, ok but what could I use while Zorin OS 16 Lite comes out?

oh I understand

Zorin 15.3 lite version? It's still supported.
Note, if you buy Zorin 16 Pro, you'll get Zorin Pro lite for free later when released. So you could try if Zorin 16 Pro and how it works withough wasting money.

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Your computer should run Zorin Lite just fine. Zorin Core or Ultimate/Pro will probably run, but (as others have pointed out) slowly. Maybe very slowly although it will almost certainly run faster than Windows 10.

Zorin 16 Core/Pro (formerly Ultimate) is a few days away from release, but Zorin 16 Lite is (as I understand it) not yet ready.

I would run Zorin 15.3 Lite for the time being (Zorin 15.3 Lite is free (see the download page, scroll down)) and make a decision about Zorin 16 Lite when it is released.

No need to purchase Zorin 16 Pro at this time.

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okay, tranks :smiley:

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