Will the bootloader detect another os automatically and add it?

Hi , will the boot loader detect another os automatically and add it to the boot list? , i have recently saw a linux distro that consumed low memory , its archcraft , i want to suggest it to a friend that has low end machine , i will do all the installation in his laptop but before i suggest him i want to try it my self in my pc which has windows and zorin in it , i am asking this question here because from what i have observed the bootloader is of zorin os , as i am no expert in this can i install archcraft on my system along with zorin and windows , and will zorin's bootloader will detect archcraft and add it to the list as a boot option? , i could use a virtual machine but using it in my pc directly will give me more feel about suggesting it

It's not exactly automatic. If you are using grub bootloader, after installing an additional Linux OS, you need to run the command:
sudo update-grub
from Zorin to rebuild the grub menu. After that, reboot and the new OS should appear.


ok i will give it a try asap and update here

I should have mentioned that there is a small complication to this where after installing this new OS, you reboot and end up booting directly to the new OS. A Linux OS will often put itself first in boot order after installing. IF that happens, you need to enter the UEFI BIOS and change the boot order so that Zorin boots first. Once that is done, and you are running Zorin, you can run the command to update the Zorin grub menu.


well everything worked fine , it has archcraft as an option now , to install archcraft i had to disable secure boot , but i cant have it disabled and enable it every time i want to play a game called valorant , and today after playing the game and trying to boot to archcraft i ran into an error "vmlinux/....(something i dont remember correctly) has invalid signature" , and i think its because secure boot , is there any way i can have secure boot enabled and still be able to access archcraft ?

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