Will there be a new versoin of zorin os in a few months instead of 16

so what better than facebook

Our website, welcome to it :grinning:

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i mean free alternative to facebook any sites

Depends on what you are looking for in social Networking.

What Facebook has to "offer' is closely related to what makes Facebook destructive.
And also why Facebook holds a near Monopoly on that aspect of Social Networking. Facebooks brand of Social Networking reminds me of Social Experimentation in Fallout Vaults.

You can use almost any socializing app to talk to others. There are many out there.


would minds be one

Not in my opinion.

when what would be the best one than

I told you, here, I am being serious, our forum. Your welcome.

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what about lbry is that one good it a softwear for videos like youtube by the looks you can get paid out for ads now on lbry odysee

I've never even heard of those.

But for as much as I run my nuclear powered motor mouth on here, I am surprisingly absent on social media.

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see you be able to earn from ads soon i dont know if links are aloud so forgive me for posting it Creators Will Be Earning From Ads Soon

I like this line:

We will not profit grossly off ads at the expense of creators (cough, cough YouTube).

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so you like the looks of odysee or lbry

No kidding. I feel like I'm in a science fiction film with this pandemic. If I leave my pod, the world will end.

Yep, activate time warp drive...

Now in time warp...

Drop out of time warp...

Where the heck am I?

I think we got our time warp calculations wrong. :flushed:

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Yeah a direct upgrade option would be user friendly

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