Will there be a new versoin of zorin os in a few months instead of 16

i was just wondering if there working on a new core versoin

Zorin OS 16 was recently released. I would expect to look forward to Zorin OS 17 in about a year.

will i be able to update to version version 17 when it come out no clean install

Uncertain, at this time. Currently, the ZorinGroup is developing the Direct Upgrade option. It is probably likely that it will be released in time for Zorin OS 17... But that is not an official position.

so where is the zorin group can i join it and chat to people in there and make new friends in there just wondering

ZorinGroup Company Ltd is the name of the company that develops Zorin OS and Zorin Products (Zorin Grid).
Comprised of Artyom Zorin and Kyrill Zorin.

The name does sound like a group on the forum, but the Company and Name were Formed prior to any Forums established to cover Zorin OS related issues.

But this forum should provide enough groups to keep you wickedly entertained at our sleep deprived coffee drinking antics to make anyone laugh - or run.

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so it only for staff the group

The only staff I know of are A.Zorin and K.Zorin.

Yes, Zorin OS is fully developed by just Two People.


so only 2 devlelopers

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i hope zorin os 17 come out next year so i can upgrade and see the new stuff

OS 15 was out for 3-years before 16 was released, realistically, I wouldn't expect an OS 17 until 3-years from now.

No... Fifteen was released about a year and a half (Or a wee bit more) ago.

The average time between releases varies by a little over a year to as long as a year and eight months.

I think you are remembering the release of Ubuntu 18.04.

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so it might now come out for 3 years and from now

Version history

Version Date Based on Features/Notes Ref(s)
Zorin OS 1.0 1 July 2009 Initial release [12]
Zorin OS Limited Edition '09 7 December 2009
Zorin OS 2 1 January 2010 5 different varieties: Core, Gaming, Multimedia, Educational, Ultimate
Zorin OS 3 10 June 2010 Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Zorin OS Look Changer added, installation slideshow tutorial
Zorin OS 4 22 December 2010 Ubuntu 10.10 Improved file manager, performance improvements
Zorin OS 5 6 June 2011 Ubuntu 11.04 Core and Ultimate available; new theme, updated software, Zorin-specific program improvements
Zorin OS 5.1 23 August 2011 Updated Linux Kernel, aesthetic updates
Zorin OS 6 18 June 2012 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Core and Ultimate available; new desktop environment, "Zorin Look Changer"
Zorin OS 6.1 8 November 2012 Updated kernel & software, security updates
Zorin OS 6.2 27 February 2013 "Zorin Menu" update, stability improvements
Zorin OS 6.3 14 May 2013 Updated kernel
Zorin OS 7 10 June 2013 Ubuntu 13.04 Core and Ultimate available; updated software, Linux kernel 3.8, design overhaul
Zorin OS 6.4 28 August 2013 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Updated kernel and software
Zorin OS 8 27 January 2014 Ubuntu 13.10 Core and Ultimate available; updated software, UI improvements, Zorin theme changer[13]
Zorin OS 9 15 July 2014 Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Core and Ultimate available; stability improvements, Firefox support, more themes
Zorin OS 10 1 August 2015 Ubuntu 15.04 Default application refresh, performance & security improvements
Zorin OS 11 3 February 2016 Ubuntu 15.10 Core and Ultimate available; new default applications, desktop user experience overhaul
Zorin OS 12 18 November 2016 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS New Zorin Desktop, activities overview, search revamp[14]
Zorin OS 12.1 27 February 2017 Bug fixes, new desktop features, performance improvements
Zorin OS 12.2 8 September 2017 Desktop refinements, performance and stability improvements
Zorin OS 12.3 16 March 2018 Wine compatibility built-in, Direct3D 10 & 11 support[15]
Zorin OS 12.4 13 September 2018 Linux kernel 4.15, performance improvements, software update process streamlining[16]
Zorin OS 15 5 June 2019 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Performance improvements, Zorin Connect (Android sync notifications), New desktop theme, Touch Layout functions, Flatpak support, New System font[1]
Zorin OS 15.2 5 March 2020 Stronger security and hardware compatibility[1]
Zorin OS 15.3 8 September 2020 Works better with the updated LibreOffice. Improved hardware compatibility and security.[1]
Zorin OS 16 17 August 2021 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Visual changes, based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Flatpak support out of the box.[2]

You right but it felt like 3-years, maybe cause the dam pandemic is going on forever and it just feels like society and everything slowed to a crawl, so has my brain. I got that above from the oh Wiki

so every few months

Averages out to One and One Half year or 18 months.

oh ok im new to linux only installed on wed 10 am about that time microsoft dont have a good system i admit zorin os 16 is better than windows now so many setting for zorin i love i cant play pokemon trading card online i tryed to install but it have a closing error it keep on not reponding when i try to exit from it but oh well the last wine patch was from 8 months ago hope they can fix it

why is there only 1 facebook post about zorin os 16 there only like 1 post

Why not start a thread and see if some of the knowledgeable gamers of the board can help?

ZorinGroup is on Twitter where they do post occasional updates.
I am on neither Facebook nor Twitter so cannot comment on the frequency of postings.

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Well, I can't say for sure, I am not inside the brain's of the Zorin brother's, but I can provide a theory.

I myself HATE Facebook, I don't trust Facebook, I wished Facebook was erased off the face of the MAP, because its evil, and has literally done great damage to people live's and countries.

But having said all that, we also know that Facebook is popular, which means, we know that many use it. So using Facebook to advertise is sort of a necessary evil, to get the word out about OS 16.

But that doesn't mean, that were suddenly going to go all out and become social networking hazlenuts. Quickly get the word out, then leave. Nobody in Linux who has any self respect, should consider Facebook as a wonderful thing.

I stay as far away from it as possible. But like I said, I am not really a social networking hazlenut, so, yeah...