Will there be someone who can convince me?

To be specific, I want to know what benefits I get (so to speak) from installing zorin_os. I have tried many distributions and personally, and among all the ones that I have liked the most are pop!_os and zorin_os, if I do not have pop!_os installed it is zorin_os and anyway I opted for pop!_os since zorin does not convince me at all.

My three big problems with zorinOS is its battery life, nvidia drivers and slow installation, I download things at 6mb/s which is "fast" at least where I live and zorin takes 1 hour or less but I didn't come here to complain about that, if it's not the battery, I need something! There is no answer that convinces me, I have already installed tlp, I have visited github pages and there is nothing, power-profiles-daemon cannot be installed and well, I have already done all the "basic" (cpu power manager), although leaving that of hand, does it really give a big improvement? Type tlp vs power-profiles-daemon, I have seen on github that there are configurations for TLP, some that you recommend please.

As long as nvidia has recently had problems with zorin, is there a way to switch to integrated graphics?
Every time I switch to Intel mode from main profiles, I can't go back to nvidia mode, it crashes and it's...
Apart from not having a good battery optimization, I have to use hybrid or dedicated graphics so that ZorinOS doesn't break.

One of the beauties of Linux is that you can choose from so many distros in case there's something you don't like from one or another.

I'm sure there can be many things you could try to make ZorinOS work better for you, but it kinda sounds like ZorinOS is simply not for you. And that's okay :wink:


I only have 4 Mb/s and most iso's only take 20 minutes. That said I do have a static IP address that never changes. Most ISP's in the UK only offer static IP to Business users, so guess I am lucky.

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maybe it's the hard drive

We can try a new thread to detailed troubleshoot your Nvidia issue if you like.

And calibrate your battery to see if that helps with the battery sensor to ensure proper use and drain.


Zorin OS is useful to me, but whether it is to you is your decision, so I can't tell you.

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