Will zorin lite 17 be based on xfce4.18?

i hear that is new release of xfce4.18 , will announce in the end of that year, may be in the end of November or December, will zorin lite 17 be based on xfce4.18?


I have no idea. It's possible, but I'm not sure if it will be implemented in 17 lite.

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It seems likely to me, honestly. Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04.
Zorin OS 16 Lite is based on Xubuntu 20.04.
Xubuntu 20.04 used XFCE 4.14, yet Zorin OS Lite used 4.16.

The ZorinGroup especially ensured meshing and including XFCE 4.16 in Zorin OS 16, moving further away from the distro it was based on.
This trend suggests it likely that Zorin OS 17 Lite will do the same.


Reading many post here about xfce is better from gnome. Why? I reading installing many extensions on gnome, your operating system could freeze or unstable.

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