Will Zorin OS 16 have a Lite version?

Hello everyone! I wonder if version 16 of the Zorin OS will feature the Lite edition. I am passionate about XFCE, for me it is the best desktop environment and the developers of Zorin OS see doing an amazing job with Zorin OS 15.3 Lite. It will be fantastic if you continue!

Yes, the Zorin Group announced recently that Zorin OS 16 Lite will follow the release of Zorin OS Core by a few months.
Currently, I am running Zorin OS 16 Core with XFCE and Zorinmenulite installed.

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Yep, there will be a LITE version, as well as CORE, and there will be an EDUCATIONAL version as well. But I think what comes out first is the ULTIMATE version, paid version.

Additionally, later in the year, the Zorin dev's will implement an upgrade functionality. It will allow users who are still on OS 15.3 to upgrade to OS 16.

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