Will Zorin OS 17 work on Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey?

Sorry for the last post but the last time I tried to run with Zorin OS it was like 16 at the time that had no Wifi and no fingerprint (at least I know of).

Have you yet run a LiveUSb on the Samsung?

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Samsungs are problematical. In the past, earlier releases of Zorin got install failure because the BIOS had not been updated. Samsung don't offer any BIOS updates for their machines. Same at work with the Intel Meltdown debacle. Intel provided a tool to test for Meltdown vulnerability, but the solution had to come from the manufacturer of the machines. We had 4 or more Samsung P530 machines, all failed the meltdown test. Samsung ... nada! It feels like Samsung are on a Chromebook trip, when things go wrong, make e-waste and buy the latest model, also with no BIOS updates and the circle continues! I was trying to help out another forum member from Brasil recently - no BIOS update available for their Samsung Notebook. So the moral of the story is avoid Samsung IT products!

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I use Raspberry Pi Imager before

Update: Somehow WiFi just worked with Zorin OS on the Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey although I can install it earlier beforehand

In respect of fingerprint reader, will depend on manufacturer - remember such hardware was not designed for GNU/Linux. If you need a fingerprint reader then you need to purchase GNU/Linux compliant hardware: