Will zorin os system requirements always be the same

will zorin os lite system requirements always be the same or will the will zorin os system requirements always be the same increase over time?

Since we are not clairvoyants, we cannot tell even we gazed into a crystal ball.
I think the system requirement for Zorin 12 and 15 was more or less the same.

As for 16 Lite, we have to see.
One certain thing is that there will be no 32 bit version after Zorin 16 like many other Linux distros now a days.


One of the reasons why people don't like modern games, is because for every game that comes out, it ups the requirements, and people have to upgrade, or buy new computers.

Operating system software is no different in that regard, only it takes a longer period. Zorin OS had the same requirements for years, along with the 32-bit support. But eventually, the OS had to get modernized with the times.

Having said that however, Zorin OS, even with its current requirements, runs smoother then most other Linux distro's with the same requirements. Ubuntu phazed out the 32-bit support correct, which means Zorin follows, as does others.

Also, IMHO, I think the Zorin team should actually up the CPU requirements from dual to quad. The reason I say this you ask? I was watching a video review on Total OS Today, and his dual core system was lagging like crazy on it.

Now yes, granted, he was also screen recording at the time, but still, lagging on a dual core system tells me, Zorin needs more then 2-cores. Cause his system was taking forever to do anything in the OS. And besides, all systems sold today usually don't have less then 4-cores anyways.


I agree with you for those system requirements.
My oldest PC is a HP netbook. Even with that, it has a 4 core ATOM CPU 64bit architecture.
My last 2core Pentium succumbed to its own heat many years ago.

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as time goes by so will the requirements change. <- sounds like a soap opera intro.



My Dell XPS 13-9343 Early 2015 Core i7-5500U is only 2 cores. My ThinkPad x61-7673 (2008) is a Core 2 Duo-T8100. They both run smooth. The XPS much smoother though.

All of the other computers I haven't installed Zorin 16 yet are from 2010 to 2014. All 2 cores, Core i3 2nd Gen to Core i5 4th Gen.

You missed one important detail.
Dreaded ATOM CPU.

I think it is way slower than the Core-i series with 2 cores.

Yeh, they're incomparable to full CPUs. My 2013 model Synology & Netgear NASes uses a dual core Atom. Much better than the single core ARM Marvell on my other retired 2009 QNAP NAS tho.

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Yup. I stopped playing power hungry computer games 15 years ago. This is one of the reasons. Don't have time, extra money, or patience to deal with it. I'd rather just get a console or two that lasts 10-20 years and play games designed for them.

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I705500U. That predates my I5-P6200 by 1-generation.

Workstation machine with Zorin OS on it...
Zorin OS 16 PRO - New Screenfetch - 5.11.36 Kernel

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There's still Pentium these days? Are they any better than Core i3/5/7/9?

No lol. My workstation machine is from like last quarter 2011, sold in 2012 machine.

However, they do make these Core I3 13" netbooks in modern day, and they have slow hardware compared to my 10-year old machine. lol. I don't know about you guys but, I rather have a 10-year old 15" core I5 dual core that operates at 2.1GHZ with 8GB of RAM, then to have a modern 13" core I3 that runs at 1.6GHZ to 1.8GHZ with 4GB to 6GB of RAM. lol

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So many different types of computer CPUs these days from Intel and AMD. So confusing. Are there any viable CPUs from others like back in the 1990s and before, or have they all got murdered by these two giants?

Kinda like there's no competition of GPU now, aside from Nvidia, or AMD with former ATI technology.

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ARM is technically the 3rd generation processor. And everybody wants a piece of it, including Nvidia. But if ARM doesn't sell out to another company, they will be the 3rd company to introduce competition to Intel and AMD.

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That's why the hype with ARM SoC starting to power laptops the last few years. There need to be more competition. Can't let Intel and AMD be dual monopolies.

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