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I have a question about some specific window behavior that I would like to get rid of and hope you can help. The behavior that I want to avoid is that for some windows when they open popups and I move the popup around, then the background window will also move along with the popup.
Repro steps:

  • Open Firefox in fullscreen
  • Open PDF in Firefox
  • Click the "save as" button, a modal popup opens
  • Drag the popup around
  • Notice that Firefox will adjust the background window size to the popup and move along with it.

Most of the times I move the popup to read something in the window below, so this is more than annoying. Any idea if this is configurable and how to turn it off?

Thank you!

This may help:

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I've been wondering about this myself for a while!

If you are using Gnome 44 (probably the same with Gnome 40+) this option is on a slightly different path. But you can also search for it:

@Cratzcaro4 Can you please do us a favour and edit your profile to indicate which edition of ZorinOS you are using (e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc) Thanks. Zab.

@Aravisian and @zenzen: Thanks, I found that option under the path in the tutorial and it sounds like it does exactly what I want but unfortunately this doesn't change the window behavior. I saved and restarted to be sure. Are there any other settings I could try?

@zabadabadoo Done. I am using the current Zorin Core 16

ummm... That really should have worked.

I have honestly never once seen detaching the modal dialogue fail to resolve that complaint.
The only thing I can think of is checking if you have any Gnome Extensions interfering, firefox extensions interfering or contents in your ~/.config are interfering.
You can test the ~/.config possibility by renaming it to ~/.config-bk and rebooting (reverting all configurations to default) and testing FF with .pdf download.
If no good, just remove the default ~/.config and rename the -bk directory to ~/.config and reboot.

That did not turn out well. Totally killed my settings. Not sure why, but copying the old data back and even restoring from a backup did not work :frowning:
And the window behavior was unaffected

Honestly, your system is baffling me. Renaming the ~/.config-bk to ~/.config and relogging in would have restored you to where you were before you tried the exercise.
That and the Detach Modal not working... there must be something else managing your desktop...
Have you ever installed any other Desktop Environments?

My system is pretty new and I always try to keep close to the system defaults so I have not installed anything special, to my knowledge.
I could imagine that those lost settings were somehow linked to my region settings which I changed after the installation but I kept the original English folder names. At least I had trouble logging in at first because my keyboard had changed back to English.
Are there any logs that I could check where the system tries to read the settings from?
For example my wallpaper was reset or my Firefox session. How can I debug this?

That is possible, as a clear path to a recognized file is often necessary. I cannot think of a reliable method of debugging that, other than manually going through and looking at the files to compare contents.
Ore reverting the region and language to all match.

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