Window switch issue - Windows gets blurred sometimes

Sometimes when I switch between desktops, some windows get blurred, and I have to close the apps and rerun them.

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Gday @amirmousavi , Could tell us what Zorin os you have & the Desktop environments your changing to? Or are you using 2 monitors/desktops?
What computer & spec's your running.( windows,mac or Zorin only,, ram size, type of drive, even the age of the pc)
Is it dual boot? If so, How did you setup/format the drive ( hdd or ssd ) or are you using usb sticks? Whats it's format. ect. more clear info will help us help you :+1:

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Looks like he means this way :point_down:, the section on the right,

that allows to switch to other active desktops with running software or go into a new blank one that's always available if you want to start a new “work space”.

@amirmousavi, try switching Fractionary Scale on Settings > Screens, if doesn't fix please switch it back to the previous state and provide info as AlBucko asked, maybe it's an issue that came out after you made certain changes and these info would be surely useful.

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