Windows 11 and Chrome OS like themes in Zorin Appearence stopped having centered taskbar

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I installed Zorin OS 16 Pro and everything went fine till now. In the themes that have a centered taskbar (like the ones similar to Windows 11 and Chrome OS), the taskbar went to the left. Even restarting the shell and changing to another theme didn't solve the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Can you click Zorin Appearance from the app menu and below the Themes option in the Left Pane, select layouts and try the layouts offered there?

Yes, I already did that. But the problem started when I turned my 3rd screen on. Everything works but the centered taskbar goes to the left. I turn the third screen off and it goes back to normal.


Ah, ok. I see what you mean, now. The additional monitor is causing the panel to readjust. I suspect that it only does this when the computer is already booted up and then you switch the Third Monitor on, right?
When you Right Click the Panel, you will see "Taskbar Settings." Opening that, you can see a Position tab. Do you have "Display panels on all monitors" set to On or to Off?
Do you have "Apply changes to all monitors" On or Off?

Exatcly. I turn the third screen on just when I need.

I only display the taskbar in my main display, which is the one in the middle.
The "Apply changes to all monitors" is on. Should I turn it off?

Let's try it. I do not use Gnome so this is unfamiliar ground for me, too. I use Zorin OS Lite (XFCE).

The TaskBar Settings on Zorin OS 16 is new. It is a great addition by the ZorinGroup - previous to this release, you could not right click the panel and pull up any settings at all. But... It means I have to learn it all. Sorry for my ignorance, here.

Thank you for your help.

I turned the option off and nothing happened. It's not a big issue because rarely I have the three screens turned on at the same time. I often turn my main screen off to play Xbox and then I turn the third screen on just to watch a vid or something.

But the topic is here if some dev sees it to fix.


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