Windows 11-like desktop: how to move icons to left corner?

I really don't like the categorized look of the classic Start menu on Zorin 16. However, I REALLY love the look of the menu on the Windows 11-like mode of Zorin.

But I hate the centered icons.

So my ultimate question: how do I move the icons to the bottom left corner while keeping the Windows 11-like start menu?

I want to do something with as few steps/extensions as possible, because I don't want to worry about updating or reinstalling desktop extensions after major updates. So a solution done entirely through Zorin Pro without add-ons is preferred.

Thank you!

Maybe you can go on the taskbar settings and there you can change the position of everything that appears on the taskbar. Maybe there's a separator before the Zorin Menu, maybe taking that out and getting the Menu and Icons "stacked to the left" might help you.

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Didn't notice I could edit the taskbar settings! Thank you so much for sharing that.

In my own research I did find out that installing GNOME ArcMenu is the "Extensions" method for this, if anyone was wondering for a free solution.

However I think I'll pick up Pro at some point to support Zorin


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