Windows 11 system requirements - UEFI/Secure Boot only

Thanks for chiming in.
I also found this article in ZDnet

Well, so much for my hacking effort :laughing:


Naw, you can still successfully claim you hacked windows! :grin:

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I feel much better now :sweat_smile:
If anyone is still interested in installing a leaked Windows 11 on unsupported bare-metals, here is a helpful article:

As I've already tested out, VMs are not affected by this restriction to start with.

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tried when the final version of windows 11 in the second year (the first year had problems and still not stable) was better than the unofficial beta version. I didn't try windows 11, and continued to use windows 10 until the end of windows 10.

Well, lemme see if I can override it.
My hacker blood is boiling :grin:

There has been an update from Microsoft. The minimum requirements are only important if your upgrading from win 10. Those machines that don't meet the minimum requirements can have win 11, but it will have to be a fresh install.

Indubitably, the transcendental beauty of illustrious nomenclature induces the user to yearn for Windows 11.


99% of my computers can't run it. Sad, I think I can still try Windows 11 on VM so it should be fine.

Good news for you.
I just installed the latest Windows 11 on VMWare on unsupported system (MintLinux host).

It is working like a charm.

I also installed bare-metal Win11 on unsupported systems (legacy BIOS system and EFI system). I think I posted the method in this thread. I just applied the latest update on it. While it could change any time, I still geot all updates without any issue so-far.

Cool I guess

Bare-metal install needs some hacking around.
But VMWare route is super easy. You should try it out.
You can use VMWare player free for personal use.

I am fully aware of that.
At the same time, I keep my hope high that my Hackintosh buddy would come up to a certain countermeasure :wink:

Yes, it can.

I use VM Windows everyday.

I already posted in the Tutorial section how to dual/multi boot without headache (hardware solution instead of software solution).

Oh, not much of a challenge :frowning:
How disappointing.

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My sub-machine is running on m/b from 2016. My Acer Aspire is 9 yeas old.

There will be no BIOS update for such old systems.

Actually Windows is getting better when it comes to drivers. Compared with Windows XP days, much of the drivers for peripherals are now integrated. Meanwhile Linux has been doing that for ages :wink:

Good reason to stick to a reputable brands :slight_smile:

That is a curious point.
I will watch for it and report here about my discovery.

When have they been reputable. Printer troubles happen more in windows than Linux

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A bit of "necromancing" a month old thread, but I just wanted to report that, I managed to keep updating Windows 11 on unsupported architecture in addition to the virtual machine installation after the official release of Windows 11.

The trick seems to be unsubscribing from the Developer Channel so that the Windows updater would not scan the system.

It seems my version is behind.
It is 22000.194

Because you are in States and I am in Europe?
It seems the update is not bestowed upon us at the same time.

Saying that, I am now checking for the update and it looks like the version you are mentioning is downloading.

It is now updated to .258
I have absolutely noting but Windows 11 on this old laptop. I cannot vouch that it is usable for any particular task. I keep on updating just to satisfy my curiosity :nerd_face: