Windows 11 system requirements - UEFI/Secure Boot only

Roger :policewoman:

On research it is possible installation W11 on any old machine.

My eldest's Win 8.1 Pro expired at the start of the year and because she needs work connection needed to stay with Windows. Did a manual update of 8.1 to 10 then on the SSD I had installed on Notebook, put that in her machine and used Ventoy which has a Win 11 boot key included - installed without any issue (always install with internet off to enable local login!) as M$ compatibility claimed CPU not compliant and from recollection no TPM2. Did upgrade the BIOS though.

Besides i have a licence what I bought.
In Zorin always before i bought Zorin, they gived me choice!
Why buying expensive windows when you can get good operating system Zorin what is cheaper and working perfectly.
I have still license propably free to update w11 because changed pc from tpm 1.0 to tpm 2.0
The people told me all time install linux and hackintosh this is better.
With linux you need steel watching your operating system what you installing to not crash packages. Using hackintosh I broken EULA license.
For me when i using 3 application and webbrowser also one game?
I have gpu GT1030 2gb ddr5 from 2017 and it working perfectly.
New machine have a better specification.

I have the same card in this rig running Antix.

On new pc i have rx 6600 and intel i5 10500
MSI MAG B560 TORPEDO motherboard ATX 10th-11 generation CPU released date ‎February 10, 2021
In my suggestion this pc propably will be working next 10 years or longer.

I had a Dell Latitude E6500 that I passed on to my eldest running GNU/Linux - and that was from 2008 - still going strong after 15 years! :wink: