Windows alongside Zorin Boot menu

Hello guys,
I have installed W10 alongside Zorin OS, everything went perfect, Then I enabled the boot menu from the grub and update the grub itself, since I install Windows in a separate SSD, Linux grub doesn't recognize it and doesn't show in the Zorin grub menu.
So what I have to do to enable Windows selection in the boot menu?
Windows is in /dev/sde2 and sde1 is the MS reserved partition

Installing Windows after Zorin is not quite so simple as installing Zorin after Windows. There are threads on here concerning that sequence, including: How to install windows alongside zorin os ? or install windows on external harddrive while on Zorin OS? - #2 by Elegant_Emperor

Maybe that will help you.

Thanks, it works
Just I don't know why when I run boot repair from live CD, I get error and didn't work