Windows app support bugged

im new to zorin, and was trying to install windows app support, but it showed as installing and at 0% constantly. when i pressed cancel, instead of showing install again it said remove
except it still didnt work
when i tried to click remove it said it couldnt because there were no packages to remove.
how do i fix this?

Let's switch to the terminal which will provide verbose responses.
Please run:

sudo apt --fix-broken install

Please relay if it removes any WINE packages or installs any.

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

This command is a simple command and will not give any output.

Now run:

sudo apt install zorin-windows-app-support

And relay if it gives any errors or installs the packages.

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the fix broken install command didnt remove or add anything
second didnt do anything
3rd is downloading 1.4 GB of stuff, but my wifi is slow so it will take a bit

edit: it seems to have worked, thank you!

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