Windows App Support installation from the software app stuck on "Preparing..."

I am using zorin os 17 on an old Dell vostro 1510 and I am attempting to run a .exe file, it says that Windows App Support is not installed, so I open the store link and it takes me to install windows app support (so far so good right?), I press install, asks for my sudo password, typed it in, pressed accept, and it gets stuck in the preparing phase, if I click cancel, it cancels the process and acts like it is installed with the uninstall button, but the exe file still asks me to install windows app support, so I press the uninstall button and it says "Unable to remove Windows App Support", I pressed more information and it says "no packages to remove", any fix?

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I figured it out, I turned off the second ppa in the other software section of software and update, I purged the wine, changed the download locale to main, and turned on x86 in dpkg, and I retried, same issue, but when I cancelled the app download, it actually was installed this time and I was able to run exe files

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Gday @That1LoserGuy ,Welcome to the community!

It's Great to see you have fix the issue, well done :+1:

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