Windows app support page

so im trying to intall valorant its downloaded into files and is an exe file. well i double click to download it comes up with download windows app support. when i click ‘install windows app support’ its says intalled and dissapears. when i double click the valorant install again the same page of windows app support comes up. what do i do?

Could you open a terminal and enter in

sudo apt install -y zorin-windows-app-support

Edit: this looks like a game- you May need Steam, Lutris, Origin or some other software, as well.

According to the below article from June of 2020, Valorant is not supported on Linux and its anti-cheat system is not compatible with with it either. At this time, it may not be possible to play this game on Linux.


Wow, great (and fast) research, kabuki-kai
Article says:

Unfortunately, Wine is not fully compatible with Riot Vanguard, the game’s (often controversial) anti-cheat system.
Without going into specifics, Riot Vanguard has been designed to run at the ring 0 or kernel level of Windows PCs. It was not designed for any other platform — So while it may be possible to get the game running, without Vanguard being fully operational, it would never be able to connect to official matchmaking servers. For a competitive online shooter, this fact alone means Valorant is effectively unplayable on Linux.

My niece plays this. I tried to install this on Zorin for her. No go. Tried both POL 32 and 64 bit.