Windows App Support problem

I have an install file for a Windows game called Probe which is a version of the board game, Stratego, which can be played against the computer.
I have installed it in Bottles with Linux distros, Mx, Pop OS, Rhino, and with Windows app support in Zorin 16 with no problem.
With Zorin 17 it installs fine with the Windows App Support and I can play the game. After I leave the game there is an icon for it on the desktop and it is listed in applications but anytime I click on the game to play it the hourglass shows for several seconds and then the game never loads.
The only way I can play it on Zorin 17 is to reinstall the game every time.

Can you right-click the icon, select Properties then go to permissions tab and ensure run as an executable has been check marked?

For what it's worth, I suspect in advance that this probably isn't the issue - otherwise the .desktop file would be opened in a text editor.

Yes. It is marked as executable. I notice now that when I click on the icon that I don't even get an hourglass. Just nothing happens.

I have also installed Zorin 17.1 the same as this one on another computer and on that one the Probe program works as it should.
The only difference that I know of is that the one that doesn't work has the Zorin installed on a USB drive and on the one that does work it is installed on a hard drive. I don't see why that would make any difference though.

This is puzzling.

Sometimes, a fresh reinstall is all that is needed to resolve such finicky issues. Have you tried reinstalling Zorin Windows App Support?

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-windows-app-support

That Probe launches and runs until started again really throws a grenade into the whole thing. If it didn't launch at all, we might consider a possible graphics issue.
The way it behaves makes me think it is something particular in Wine, where a hook is not dehooking when shutting down (Or closing) Probe.

Yes I have uninstalled Windows App Support and then installed it again with the same result.

Have you yet tried a later version of Wine?
Or, you also said that it worked with Bottles on other distros.