Windows apps USB or DVD will not install, thought Zorin had this feature built in?

Run Windows apps in Zorin OS with Wine and PlayOnLinux won't install, application freezes in the store just says pending and nothing happens. Help?

Which flavour of ZorinOS do you have? It would be good if you indicated that in your forum Profile, as that helps with support.
I do not think Wine is included with ZorinOS out-of-the box. Have you installed Zorin "Windows Application Support" from Zorin Software store?
That includes Wine and Play-on-Linux etc for running Windows Apps.

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Zorin os 16 comes pre installed with that and with wine.

Where? You can install wine but it's not installed


This is not accurate, actually. Zorin OS does not come with Wine installed. It comes with a program that easily identifies .exe files and offers to install wine if you want it.
Which is much better, in my opinion. It avoids bloat and it avoids users having unwanted conflicts with a preinstalled wine.

Wine is in the Zorin repository and can be installed with

sudo apt install zorin-windows-app-support

Or using Software store as "Windows app support"

:neutral_face: Software Store...

Let's turn to the terminal and try the command above. See if it prints any errors we can troubleshoot.


I was talking about that .exe program, i also "thought" wine got installed when you did a full install and not the minimal. But i might be wrong, cant remember cause its almost 4 months ago for me when in installed zorin 16.

It is indeed amazing how quickly we forget things we do not do in a regular bases. One reason I recommend forum members to write up a Tutorial.

I contributed about a half dozen of those and I am sure I will be benefiting from them myself at the next clean install.


Same. I have referenced my own tutorials several times... because otherwise I had no idea how I did what I did before.


Guess its time for me to get on ship with the others

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I did install Wine, but my win7 games will not work

@janusz How did you go about installing Wine.
The best way is to install Zorin Windows App Support from Software Store.

Did you look in the tutorial section ?

Or use: Walkthrough/Tips for troubleshooting - PlayOnLinux (POL) - running Windows applications easier than plain vanilla Wine

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