Windows-based EasySense software issue on ZorinOS under Wine and PlayOnLinux

Our school has 40 Easy sense Data Harvest portable computers + STEM sensors for them. All were procured in year 2010. We also have old 40 pcs HP620 notebooks from year 2010 with Celeron processors and 2Gb of RAM, which run ultra-slow under Windows 10. This made working with EasySense software unbearable (link to software it - Data Harvest | EasySense2 App - Learn more).

I tried to install a lightweight Zorin OS Lite and run EasySense via Windows emulator, both Wine and PlayOnLinux, and it seems the software launches, but there is no visible window. I have filmed a 9:50 minute video on my smartphone of what happens. Sorry for video shakiness and 3D printer working in the background in advance.

I see that EasySense Data Harvest does not produce software for Linux as it is not mentioned on their website page. Could you please address the issue or at least point if that is software issue or operating system? There is no way our school buys 40 new notebooks. There is simply no budget for it. Thanks for understanding.

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Not all Windows software can run under Wine.

I have checked the compatibility list at CrossOver Linux which is a paid version of Wine. But I did not see this software you wanted to use.

To run Windows 10 with this computer power, the only thing I can think of is a thin client. But the setup will not be as simple as a stand alone Windows machine.

The other possibility is hardware upgrade.
You need to check the manual of those machines but you might be able to increase RAM to 4GB at least.

I have 2 Acer Aspire from the same vintage. I increased RAM from 4GB to 8 or 16 GB. I gave away one of them to my husband's daughter but the other one (8GB, my testing machine) is currently running Windows 11 without any issue.

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Thanks for advice. Will try Windows 10 IOT core (aka thin client). I wish they had Linux support. When you have all other major platforms supported (iOS, Windows, Android, ChromeOS) and just exclude one... Well, huh.

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Did you try lutris as well ?

Tutorial might help -> [How-To] How to get Windows Games working in Linux

Lutris is a gaming platform, no?
I could be wrong but I do not think the data harvesting software can work on it.

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So is PlayOnLinux as he showed in the video. I can run applications in Lutris as well. I run Origin client, Epic Games client so it might be worth to try.

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You are right!
I even did not give it a thought.
Yes, it is worth trying.


Is this a browser extension?:

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